Thank you 2018_

Thank You For An Amazing 2018

Thank you 20182018 has been an amazing year for me. I rode on the shoulders of many to stand. I am grateful for the opportunities, the rejections, the fun, the sorrows, the joys, risks, life and many more things the year brought.

I’m particularly grateful to these amazing people who believed in me, supported me and helped me grow one way or the other this year

Mr Ayeni Adekunle; Thank you for your continued support, for believing in me and pushing me to greatness. I’m very thankful for the opportunities and would never take them for granted.  It is very possible!

Rosemary Ajayi: For the recommendations, resources and for being really exceptional, for your advice, knowledge sharing, time and feedback. You’re the best ma’am. Thank you very much.

Manasseh Egedegbe
 : I was so broke when I put in and qualified for the finance masterclass earlier in the year, still don’t have enough oo but thanks to the classes, I am making the best financial decisions and ploughing the ground for when the BIG money comes. Most importantly, I’m constantly thinking of my passive income stream. You all should sign up for the masterclass this year

: Your constructive feedback and criticism was instrumental to my last Ghana trip. For gassing me up and believing so much in my YouTube channel even when I’m in doubt. Thank you Olumide

Femi Falodun: Thank you sọ much for the opportunities and the gígs you connected me to this year boss. They came in at the very right time and I’m also grateful for my future gigs with the ‘sexy’ ID Africa

Toyin Alagbe: You’ve been more than a friend. For the gigs we worked on together this year, for your patience and for being there all the time for Hexal Place and my continuous wàhálà. I don’t take them for granted. 2019 is that year we hit those figures. Insha Allah

Mr Moruff: Thank you for drilling me hard on the projects I worked with you on this year sir. It was a great honour and learning experience. Adupe sir.

BHM:  To BHM and the wonderful people I worked with on gigs this year, you all are super awesome and I look forward to a great 2019 with you all. Thanks Deshola, Ose, Koye

Eghe: For your friendship, support and believing in me. I’m very grateful to you and Jo.

Omojuwa: Thank you for your continued support and for always, you’re an inspiration. Keep being the super star you’re.

Tolu & Bukola. Thank you Tolu for being there spiritually, physically and emotionally this year. For the prayers and conforting words. Super grateful to you and Bukola. Adupe.

Babajide Fadoju: For the awesome Kigali experience and being a good brother. Thank you so much Babajide. Meeting you this year was ordained. So grateful for the opportunities

Sola Unique and Aunty Tope (Topysken): Thank you for your continued support for me and Hexal Place. I appreciate all of it and do not take them for granted

Rotimi Olaosebikan: Thank you for all of your help and patience, for going out of your way for me even with your busy schedule. I am grateful bro, I am super proud of your professional growth too

Pastor Gbenro: PG of life for that awesome one on one conversation in Abuja, for the fatherly love and always being there to listen. Thank you so much sir

Razak Alli: For your continued support, reaching out, counsel and for being a good friend I say a big thank you to you. God bless you

Victor Mathias; Thanks for being super awesome and for the  TV interviews. Ooosssee

Web Foundation: Attending the Africa Summit for Women and Girls in technology was what I needed most in my life at the time. I had a whole new perspective to life after the summit and got to activate my commitment to telling more women stories. Thank you for the opportunity

Nanjira Sambuli: Thank you for the Africa Summit For Women and Girls in Technology, for believing so much in me and the many opportunities. Thank you for being an awesome role model and for you do for Africa’s tech community and women

Oyeyemi: for your loyalty, support and making my trip to Akungba so seamlessly this year. I appreciated you Yemi and I’m super proud of your achievements.

Gbenga Shobaike: Thanks for that chat, it worked on my YouTube channel. Now I’m changing strategies ? ? ?. Look forward to working with you and the Plaqad team in 2019

Oluwayomi Abe: Thank you for making my trip to Abuja worth the while, for being my personal chauffeur, for carrying my matter on your head, for connecting me to opportunities. I am grateful for your friendship. 12 years and still counting. I am grateful

Mr Yomi Adegboye aka Mr Mo: For being there at the shortest beck and call. For always saving the day. Thank you for your friendship sir and for believing so much in me. Adupe sir

The Raheems: Thank you for being my official family.. Thank you for accepting me into your family just as your own, I am grateful for the past, present and excited for what the future is. 2019 is the turn around year, I love you Mr Fola and Mrs Kenny Raheem

Uncle Gbenga: For showing up for me, believing in me and supporting me, thank you so very much sir. Your story is inspiring, keep being a source of joy and inspiration.

Kolawole Abobade and Feyisayo Adeyemi: Thank you for your friendship and continued support. Adupe

Udegbunam Chuks and Oyetola: Thank you for showing up for me even when it was least convenient, God will show up for you

Bros Izy Oku: Thank you so very much for the resources, insights, time and the opportunities you connected me to this year. Super grateful

YouTube Family: To everyone who has supported me on my YouTube journey, watched my videos, subscribed to my channel, retweeted and gave feedback. They mean a whole lot to me and I do not take them for granted.

Hexal Place: For everyone of Hexal Place clients, thank you for finding us worthy enough to work with us. We appreciate you from the depths of our earth. We are grateful for the opportunities

My Family: To my mum and sis, couldn’t have asked for more, thank you for being my backbone even though you don’t understand most of what I do, you still support me regardless. To my nephew, Akorede, who brought me GOODNESS, I love you so much, thank you for bringing joy to our family

Ronald Nzimora: Thank you for your time, counsel and sharing so much knowledge and insightful, I am thanking you in advance for 2019. so grateful to you Sir Ron

To Jibola of BetaSMS: I remain in the bulk SMS business because of you. For your continued support and prep talks, i am grateful. Thank you for watching out for me and showing me the way. Hopefully, I can take the big step this year. Adupe

Lush: Thank you sis, for hosting me in your home for 2 weeks in Abuja. 2 weeks with your amazing family were some of my most memorable days of the year 2018. I enjoyed spending time with the kids

To Ifeanyi Spacyzuma: For your support over the years, I am deeply grateful

Carlson: Thank you for showing up at the very right time, for your support and for 2019. God bless you richly

To everyone who folllows me and I follow across my social media platforms, I appreciate you all. God bless you and I pray for an amazing 2019 for every one of us






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