With Ahmed Odunlami, CEO, Swot Solutions

From Side Hustle To Store Owner At Computer Village

I got to know Ahmed from the popular tech blog mobilityArena.com when it was still Mobility.ng, the regular commenters were gadget freaks like me and we all knew ourselves ?? Fast forward to December 2013, I met Ahmed Odunlami (@mister_swot ) physically for the first time when he came to deliver my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reading tab in his NYSC Khaki, he didn’t have a shop and he has apparently been selling gadgets as his side hustle since he was an undergraduate.

With Ahmed Odunlami, CEO, Swot Solutions
With Ahmed Odunlami, CEO, Swot Solutions

After his NYSC, he shared space with 2 different people in Computer village, saved up enough money to rent a space 2 years later and just recently moved to a BIGGER space. I have been patronizing him since then and referred him to a lot of people.

Ahmed inspires me. He marked the 10th year anniversary of his company @swotsolutionsng last December 2017
It’s not his birthday today, just celebrating him for how far he has come and the beautiful future ahead of him. Please follow @swotsolutionsng and patronize them.






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