Can’t I Eat Amala In Peace?

After exactly a year and a day since I was robbed at an Amala joint in Ilasamaja, Armed robbers visited the same joint for another operation.

Amala and Ewedu
Amala and Ewedu

On Friday 21st of January 2012 I had just finished my NYSC registration at Abeokuta LGA in Ogun state, I decided to travel back to Lagos so as to prepare for my resumption at my PPA the next Monday. On my way back from Abeokuta, I was craving for Amala, and I decided to stop by at the best and most popular Amala joint on Sadiku road Ilasamaja at about 7:30pm.

I ordered for my plate of Amala and ‘Eja Kika’ (Round Fish) , as I was having a nice time savouring my wonderful Amala, I just noticed everyone in the room were going down on their knees, as a sharp Lagos babe, I  quickly knelt down and hid my blackberry phone inside the NYSC kaaki was wearing. I was robbed of my dual SIM tecno chinko phone and about N4000. I was lucky my mini Toshiba laptop wasn’t taken because the white NYSC shirt  previous day was covering it in my handbag . A man was robbed of the N10, 000 he withdrew from the ATM, The Amala joint owner was also robbed of all she made for that day

When they left, everyone took to their heels but I sat back to finish my Amala, since I wasn’t going to pay it for because they already took all that I had with me at that time and I was really hungry.

Fast-forward to 2013, i was already dozing off on my bed after a hard day’s job when I heard sounds of sporadic gunshots on Tuesday 22nd of January 2013, I actually thought the Area boys had won their ‘Baba Ijebu’ again so I wasn’t disturbed and I eventually went to bed. Then on my way back from work on Thursday evening, I went to one of my petty trader friend on my street  to listen to  the full gist of want happened on Tuesday.

He then told me that the robbers actually visited our very famous Amala joint to rob and also took possession of one of the customer’s jeep. Incidentally, our dear friends in Black (Nigerian Police) were also on patrol, on hearing gunshots, they also fired back, but there is a saying that goes thus “When power jams power, the lesser power must bow” in this case, It was the weapon that bowed, our policemen later took to their heels and the robbers were shooting at everyone because they thought someone actually put a call through to the police men. Unfortunately, a’ keke NAPEP’ driver who was trying out another source of livelihood after his Electronic shop was demolished due to the road expansion at Akanro street was SHOT dead

The question that has been on my mind since Thursday night is Can’t one eat Amala in peace anymore?

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10 responses to “Can’t I Eat Amala In Peace?”

  1. bobo Avatar

    Funny story at first. Then reality hit me. We aren’t safe anymore in Nigeria. And we can’t even enjoy little pleasures. Which is sad.

    1. Lammy Avatar

      Thanks Bobo for visitng and reading. I appreciate you

  2. Olaryeankarh Avatar

    When they left, everyone took their heels but I sat down to finish my Amala


    Change your cafeteria. Put it at the back of your mind that security level in Nigeria is zero though.

    1. Lammy Avatar

      My dear, i haven’t gone there since last year’s incident o, mi o le wa je amala ku

  3. Abolaji Sharafadeen Adekunle Avatar

    Thats the best thing to do, afterall, one should not loose two things at a time

    1. Lammy Avatar

      Bolaji…abi o, ma sa de je Amala..How have you been?

  4. dadaolowoeyo Avatar

    Now *scratches head* would it have made any difference if you’d been there…a second time, hmm? *chuckles* I think you’d make a decent writer, honey…and you haff certainlee wake up my amala taste buds…OFF TO ASSORTED AMALA! later this afternoon ALL BY MYSELF!! hehehe!!

    1. Lammy Avatar

      Just make sure you are very careful…look right, left and right again…Thanks all the same Dada

  5. muyiwa james Avatar
    muyiwa james

    infact the story is nothing but a bang.well as for the amala joint, it is better closed or its location changed. Also the calibre of people patronizing this joint call for suspicion

  6. Lammy Avatar

    Thanks my Pastor for reading again sir…Olorun a ma so gbogbo wa

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