It’s been great year for me, a year full of challenges, tribulations, trials and VICTORIES. This is just a way to appreciate and say THANK YOU to people who touched my life one in one special way or the other and to those who contributed to the success of  my start up HEXAL PLACE , Its quite long, I thank You for taking out time to read in Advance *winks*

Firstly, I can’t thank my dear friend, a dynamic young man, NSIKAK EBONG enough, even as a serving corps member in February, he went out of his way to loan me the money I used in starting HEXAL SMS , he was my good friend in secondary school and considering the fact that we hadn’t seen each other since 2004, he trusted me enough to loan me the money, thanks for believing in the HEXAL SMS dream.  Now, I truly believe in the adage that says “A friend in need is a friend indeed” YOU ARE A TRUE FRIEND NSIKAK, I am indeed very grateful to you.

Another person who made remarkable impact in my life this year 2012 is Jesse Oguntemehin. Jesse as he is popularly called might not know how much he influenced my life, but he did in several special ways. Firstly, I want to appreciate Jesse for introducing me to Mobility Blog and for also inspiring me to blog. I am also grateful to Jesse for referring me to the best of hands for Hexal SMS. Jesse I can’t thank you enough for looking out for me 2012, I deeply appreciate you, thanks for always been yourself, For you, the SKY IS THE STARTING POINT.

VICTOR EKPOTT, a great friend, and a visionary, a strong pillar in Hexal SMS, Thanks for been a part of the Hexal Place world class team and for always been there when I call, your continuous input to the work has continued to give me hope for the future……Big Thanks to you Wana !!

My wonderful and hard working Programmer ISAAC AWONUGBA, I say a big thank you to you for making Hexal Place proud with your codes….Gracias!! “Compucare technologies and Hexal Place “ is a partnership that works

My profound gratitude and thanks also goes to SAYO AKINWALE and DAVID UMOH, thanks for always watching my  back, for always there when I called in 2012, for our ‘small small’ fights and quarrels, for the wonderful clients you referred to me in 2012….can’t thank you both enough. Bro Sayo we are still fighting oooo

Another great person that made 2012 remarkable for me is MR YOMI ADEGBOYE popularly called Mister Mo, All thanks to Jesse for making me addicted to the Tech News and Mobile phone reviews on Mister Mo’s Blog. I was opportuned to be added to the Mobility Blackberry Group, a place where about 30 most intelligent and resourceful young men and women discuss and analyze tech issues with simplicity. Thank You Mr Mo for believing so much in me, Ese pupo Baba Mo, thank You for making me the First guest on your Online Show “Hanging Out with Mister Mo” what an honour!!!

FAMUYIDE OLAWALE is a member of the mobility Blog group, OLAFAM as we fondly call him in the group is a great guy, a designer with a difference who puts a touch of excellence in all his designs. Thanks OLAFAM for giving HEXAL SMS and HEXAL PLACE a world class design and brand, May God bless you richly!

My dear friend and geek……… (smiles), you have been such a great pillar and Fan of Hexal SMS, thanks for the encouragements and words of advice, thanks for always cracking me up with your gists……. IFEANYI ZUMA popularly known as Spacyzuma, we can’t wait to have you back on the Mobility Blog Group prof!

My dear friend and Brother Emmanuel Olalere aka Emmagination is Nigeria’a future Mark Zukerberg ,Watch out for this young man, incidentally we have so many things in common, thanks for always sharing Hexal SMS Blog articles, I am grateful.

My thanks also goes to all my Mobility Blog family for always sharing ideas and knowledge on Tech, Mobile and other IT related issues ( My dear and wonderful Aunty Nicole, Sir kuta, Dr Magnus, Muyiscoi, Obinna (armed forces),Kamiludeen, Oluwasesan, Elroy, Olafam, Spacy, Mc Prince, Jide (ogbongeblog) , Oalabetutu, Signor, Mol Tech, Efosa, Saiddigge, Dr Deola, Sokunbi, Pharmtasy, DY, Andy, Dr Chuks, SolaOni, and Emmagine). Not also forgetting my Mobility Blog twitter baby Olayinka Oladele .

My shout out and Thank You also goes to my two very wonderful friends, they are not just my friends, they are my brothers, always there when I call, they are never tired of my ranting and gists. They were indeed very supportive in 2012, they are also part of HEXAL SMS success story ,FEYISAYO ADEYEMI the author of Nantygreens and ABOBADE KOLAWOLE omo Ibadan toh sure .

I also want to thank all Fans, Readers, Followers and Clients of Hexal SMS and Hexal Place on twitter and FACEBOOK , Our success in 2012 wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thanks for always retweeting and Sharing our blog stories and for also patronizing us all through the year. And also to our first sets of ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK we say a big Thank You. Special Shout out to Big Bro Uncle Egghead for always retweeting each time I mention him, got a few clients from his retweets. Also to my dear Brother and Friend Japheth J Omojuwa for always been there for me, I am so grateful bro.

My big thanks also go to  Sir Oyetola, Dayo Akereldolu and Uncle Etubom Oku for believing in Me and my dream. And to my dear and troublesome friend DAMILOLA FASINA thanks for been Hexal SMS number 1 fan, I’m grateful to you ‘priceless Shike’

Finally, can’t conclude this write up without saying a Big Thank You to My wonderful Mum and to my one and only Sister Omowunmi Egbayelo, they were more than a pillar, thanks for been so supportive morally and financially….I love you so much. And also to a big uncle and my God Father Mr Fola Raheem, Hexal Place would still have been an idea in my mind if he hadn’t given me the opportunity to do exploits with GGRL SMS, I am always grateful to you sir against all odds.

We will do greater things together in 2013………. Thank You all and GOD BLESS YOU and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!






3 responses to “THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF MY 2012”

  1. ogbongeblog Avatar

    You are doing great Lammy. Wish you more success in 2013. God go make you bigger oo

    1. Lammy Avatar

      Amen, Thanks Jide, I am grateful, Thanks for also being an inspiration to we upcoming bloggers

  2. Lammy Avatar

    Amen, Thanks Jide, I am grateful, Thanks for also being an inspiration to we upcoming bloggers

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