Farmer - hardwork

Does Hard Work Still Pay In NIgeria?

On the 1st of October 2012 which happens to be Nigeria’s 52nd Independence Anniversary, I was watching a program (THE PLATFORM) on Channels TV sponsored by the Covenant Christian Center. Several speakers came up stage to speak, but the speaker that really got me thinking “IF HARD WORK STILL PAYS IN NIGERIA” was REMI OYO. Her speech caught my attention when she began reciting a very inspiring Yoruba poem, the poem brought back childhood memories, and I wondered if such poems were still been recited in our schools anymore.

If the Nigerian Youth can make this poem a source of guideline for life, I think Nigeria will be a better place

I was once again touched by the wordings of the poem and I thought to share the poem in YORUBA and translate to ENGLISH, so the non-Yoruba speaking readers can also learn from it

Farmer - hardwork

The Poem goes thus:


Ise ni ogun ise»» Work is the antidote of conquering lack.

Mura si ise ore mi»» Get busy my friend.

Ise ni afi ndeni giga»» We become great by working.

Bi ako ba reni fehinti»» If we don’t have anyone to help us

Bi ole la a ri »» We are likened to the lazy ones.

Bi a ko ba reni gbekele»» If we can’t find anyone to trust

A tera mose eni »» Just keep working tenaciously.
Iya re le lowo lowo »» Your mum might be so rich.

Baba re si le leshin le kan»»Your father might be affluent

Bi o ba gboju le won »» If you depend on what they’ve.

O te tan ni mo so fun o »» you are just a step from disgrace.

Ohun ti a ko ba jiya fun »» Things you don’t suffer for

Se kii le tojo »» Don’t really last

Ohun ti a ba fara sise fun »» things u struggle to achieve.

Ni npe lowo eni »» last longer with you

Apa lara»» The spoilt brat has relations

Igunpa ni iye kan»»

Bi aiye ba nfe o loni»» if the world loves you today,

Ti o balowo lowo »» if you’ve got money to spend

Won a ma fe o lola »» people will love you even tomorrow

Jeki o wa ni ipo atata»» when you are in an important position

Aiye a ma ye o si terin-terin»» people will sing your praise

Jeki o deni rago »» when things take turn for the worse

Ko o ri bi aiye ti nyinmu si o»» You will  see  how  you are mocked.

Eko si tun seni doga »» Education sure makes u a boss.

Mura ki o ko dara-dara »» learn fast.

Iya nbo fomo ti ko gbon »» suffering pends for the disobedient

Ekun mbe fomo ti o nsa kiri

Ma fowuro sere ore mi »»doesn’t toy with your youth.

Mura si ise ojo nlo.»» face your work because time is fast moving

I want to specially Thank Tope Atiba for giving me the full transcript of the poem and Sola Oni for helping to translate in English

Thanks for reading, do you think HARD WORK STILL PAYS IN NIGERIA? Please kindly leave a comment!






7 responses to “Does Hard Work Still Pay In NIgeria?”


  2. olusola oni Avatar
    olusola oni

    Hardwork is surely needed to achieve just about anything in life and in any country of the world IMHO. The hardwork of the founding fathers have brought us this far and we sure have to strive to work hard and work smart to achieve the best .
    With hardwork we can conquer lack because it’s the antidote to conquering lack and becoming successful and self-sufficient.

    1. sam Egorp Avatar
      sam Egorp

      @ sola do u think d hard work of the founding fathers rilly brought d country this far………then the founding fathers didn’t work hard enough cos d country is neither far nor nowhere

  3. sam Egorp Avatar
    sam Egorp

    It is necessary to work but success is not by hard work

    1. Victor Ekpott Avatar
      Victor Ekpott

      @sam You’re right. The bible says in Ecclesiastes 9:11 (New Living Translation)
      I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time.

  4. dadaolowoeyo Avatar

    #OROAGBA apa l’iara, igun’pa ni’ye kan…ohun ti a ba fi ara s’ise fun, ohun ni o ma pe li owo eni

  5. Lammy Avatar

    Thanks for your comments guys, but i think Hard work still pays!! oo

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