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My NYSC Experience In Abeokuta

A beautiful story about my NYSC experience in Abeokuta in Ogun state Nigeria. Do enjoy! While growing up, my maternal grandmother always sings praises of me like this “ije ja omo re, omo ka fo lu rin ………..” Well many years down the line, i was posted to ABEOKUTA for my NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE SCHEME, I didn’t like it at first. But during the process of my registration PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) and at Abeokuta South Local government, i began to hear names of places like AGO-IKA, AGO-OBA, KUTO, ISABO, ITA-EKO, ITA-SOKORI, ELEGA,OBANTOKO, IYANA MORTUARY, OKE-MOSAN, ELEWE-ERAN, ILESE-AWO, ILESE-PAN,ITA-OSHIN etc Here are some of the beautiful and hilarious reasons why I love the STATE CAPITAL OF THE GATEWAY STATE 1. The cost of living is low: You can be a ‘bigz’ boy or girl if u are prudent with spendings, even as a corps member, you can cook more than 2 different pot of soups with #1000 and still come back home with change. I know a few people in Lagos whose families are based in Abeokuta….. Cost of transportation is also very cheap, food-stuff and so on, 2. There are more relaxation centres than offices: Hmmmm….. Abeokuta people like ‘Faaji’ (enjoyment), so many bars in oke-two, you have the IWE-IROYIN, matrix club, Sky Pavilion…and less I forget the STADIUM joints. Oh I almost left out the IWE IROYIN suya spot *swallows saliva* I am so going to miss the SUYA 3. OLUMO ROCK: For the first time in my life I visited Olumo Rock with two of my friends (Yubi and Saheed) in February, My expectations were so high, heard and so much about this great ROCK.   My excitement was cut short on my way to OLUMO ROCK which is the only TOURIST CENTER in Abeokuta, the host town of the rocks looks so deserted, there is no form of modernization at all, the houses in the town still had ancient roofing and 80% of those houses were constructed with mud. On getting to Olumo Rock, I just came to the conclusion that the state government is not spending much to attract people to the Great Olumo! But nonetheless …I still had fun, (I climbed the rock to the rear, I had to massage my legs for 3days) 4. The Education System: I served in one of the oldest school in Abeokuta (St John Anglican (Senior)  High School, kuto, there were challenges and victories, I witnessed what I used to read in books, where the timekeeper rings the bell with a small iron rod attached to another metal under a tree. I think the State Government still has a lot to do, its not enough to make teachers/principal responsible for the student’s failure, Parents  should also be accountable, 90% of these students hardly have time to attend to assignments and home works given, majority of them go to help their parents and guardians at the market/stores immediately after school closes, they don’t care whether they pass or fail because they DON’T pay the school fees, just like the Lagos state government is holding parents accountable for the success/failures of their wards, the Ogun State Government should also do so 5.Water Supply: This was my greatest challenge throughout my stay in the beautiful city of EGBA. I stayed in Oloomore federal housing estate, (Abeokuta North LGA) and the only supply of water we had was from the state’s water cooperation and the majority of the time, I always had to go look for Water. Most times, my prayer was always for it to rain, so I can reserve rainwater, the majority of people in that community do not have access to pipe-borne water, the state government water get to rush at most TWICE in a month   https://olamideyelo.com/addicted-twitter-temporarily-deactivate-account/ I am also going to miss my wonderful OFADA rice, there is this woman who sells OFADA rice from 4 pm every day at the last junction of Oloomore housing estate if you are opportune to visit Abeokuta, try not to miss the sweet and affordable Ofada rice 6. My Friends: while serving in Ogun state, I met different people, I had 5 different categories of friends namely *CAMP and OBS FRIENDS: Wonderful shout out to my camp and OBS friends, most especially MERCY ROOM 2 C girls (Lolade Akande, Titilope Olulade, Ruqaya Yusuf, Jumoke Omotosho, Wando, Shade, Tobi, Ada, Tokunbo, Uju, Maureen, NG, Siphon )etc………………love you PPA friends: these were fellow corps members I have an everyday encounter with, we served in the same school and shared the ‘corpers’ staff room (Damilola Fasina, patience Dibiah, Bamuyiwa Tobi, Ubong  Etesian and Adebisi Olayemi)   CDs friends: these were my CDS ‘padi’s’…always representing (Maureen, Tomi, Ireti etc) 7. PRU Unit, NYSC Ogun state secretariat: finally, I would like to most especially thank Mr Emmanuel Igba, Mr Banji Fatolu and Mr Kayode Olagoke for the support and encouragement they gave me all through my service year, for standing by me from the beginning of the scheme till this end, I will remain eternally grateful, would also like to say a big thank you to Mrs Umogha, Mrs Adeniyi and Mrs Adenekan for giving me maximum support and also allowing me to be a PART of the PR unit. Thank you for the rare privilege and the opportunity to be a special columnist in the monthly ‘Gateway Kopa’ publication https://olamideyelo.com/cant-i-eat-amala-in-peace-2/ I will also like to say a BIG thank you to the Anjolaiyas, for making me live a large and comfortable life in Egba…I had a whole 4bedroom flat to Myself…Ese Pupo  





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  1. Obayomi Abiola Avatar
    Obayomi Abiola

    Thank God for seen you through this one year. Serving Nigeria is one thing one will want to think twice before embarking upon; sincerely if i have my way, i wouldn’t do it. It’s my 4th month into the service year now, and to be candid, the experience so far has been boring. First of all, i am being posted to a Place of primary assignment where with all sense of humour, cannot be useful at all. The reason been that even the people here at my (ppa); who are the real workers don’t have work to do. They resume by 9:30am in the morning and closes by 11am latest 12noon on the days that they suspect they could get paid. Now imagine a fresh graduate from a university, vibrant and active in such an environment. Secondly, My Ppa is in a rural-rural area- if there is anything like that, e don’t ave stable electricity supply, you ave to buy water from the token allowee been given to you, we don’t ave drinkable water and so, i can’t count the number of pure water bags since my arrival here, residents of this village don’t stay outside any moment from 7pm and hence, social life is subzero. When i think about all these issues and many more, i just ave deep regrets why i didn’t redeploy back to where i came frm. Lammy, NYSC sucks to me!!!

  2. DADA OLOWO EYO Avatar


  3. Lola Avatar

    Hmmmmm what an interesting encounter you had. Cant wait to be a corper myself. Thanks for sharing.

  4. sam Egorp Avatar
    sam Egorp

    Amiable piece from a master piece, very coincise but with cutting edge points. Thumbs up Lammy darling. Congrats.

  5. sam Egorp Avatar
    sam Egorp

    Amiable piece from a master piece, very concise , enviable write up with cutting edge points. Thumbs up Lammy darling. Congrats.

  6. sam Egorp Avatar
    sam Egorp

    Amiable piece from a master piece, very concise , enviable write up with cutting edge points.its an interesting reportage. Thumbs up Lammy darling. Congrats.

  7. eyerenezz Avatar

    I agree with the Ofada rice. The water problem is a terrible situation. I wish something will be done about it. Fortunately I lived at the Ibara end. So, I didn’t have to deal with this. Good luck to us as we pass out!

    1. Opel ben Avatar
      Opel ben

      Thanks for sharing your experience. My family is actually thinking of moving to Abeokuta to stay. This has helped me in my research.

  8. Jumtosh Avatar

    I must say, you are one of d very few special people am glad i met during service year, you impacted my life in your own little and am so grateful to God. I hope that chord of friendship doesn’t break even after service year… We ll meet @ the TOP!

  9. muyiscoi Avatar

    Wow! Nice recap!. I’ll be concluding my service by nxt year February (2012 Batch A). I have to remember to do a write up like this on my blog too. Its a really good idea. Wish you the best in all your future endeavours.

  10. saiddigge Avatar

    Didn’t yÓu make any indigene friends???

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