419 Reasons to Like Nigeria

For too long, Nigeria and Nigerians have been readily associated with
the online scams, financial crime and impersonation – termed ‘419’.
However, beyond the unfortunate stereotyping, there are several
positive characteristics and cogent intriguing traits of the country,
Nigeria and its people, some of which are highlighted below as part of
the ‘419 Reasons to Like Nigeria’ campaign which enlisted 100
volunteers and bloggers to share reasons why they like Nigeria. These
reasons echo the voices of Nigerians, with resonating similar themes.
The campaign is being facilitated in partnership with ‘The 419Positive

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** Our togetherness is legendary. With over
four hundred tribes, yet we remain united and
even merge into one through the beauty called

** Nigerians, despite our diversity are a united
people who always strive to help one another.
With 774 local government areas, multi religious
and ethnic affiliations, 36 States, population of
over 160 million, we still stand undeterred to
move forward together.

** Nigerians don’t give up. We still have a
country and still stay together despite our
historical and current ethnic clashes.

** Our greatest strength lies in our diversity.

** Diversity: In Nigeria it’s not uncommon to
see one family with 2 different religions or one
State with multiple languages and they all coexist
just fine.

** Nigeria is generally peaceful – despite the
civil war, we are still one.

** The Diversity: Yes, it’s quite cumbersome to
maintain but how many other countries can boast
of people with such diverse attitudes and values.
It prepares us for the world at large as we’re
already able to accept that people are different
and have their peculiarities.

** We are one. We are one. We believe in an
invincible, indivisible and forever united country.
We are Nigeria.

** Nigerians stick together like peas in a pod.
There’s this innate bond in us all that gets drawn
out especially when we find ourselves in the
Diaspora; and because we’re everywhere, a
Nigerian will always feel right at home no matter
where he finds himself.

** Nigeria is one of the most diverse nations in
the world (think ethnicity, and languages) and
yet somehow, despite all the clashes, we’re still
together. Smaller countries have split for less.

** Our ability to look beyond ethnicity, religion,
age, sex, and be kind to fellow men even in our

** I love the diversity and acceptability /
tolerance amongst different ethnic groups. We stick together in spite of everything.

** Most Nigerians are peace loving people. Even in the face of several ethno-religious crises
in the past, Nigeria still remains undivided.

** Nigeria in her multiplicity of ethnicity has
thrived for 51 years: over 250 ethnic groups and over 400 languages. ONE NIGERIA!

** Nigeria is a country that has her strength in
her diversity, embraces her ethnic groups without
ethnicity and her tribes without tribalism.

** A Nigerian is never alone in the world. This is
one of the best reasons to like Nigeria and
Nigerians for me. We are all over the place and
when we run into each other outside the shores of the country, all those things which divide us as a people are quickly forgotten.

** Even outside the country, Nigerians remain
united. This gives a quiet assurance somewhat that you can get on a plane and go to any country of the world and find a Nigerian there who will not only make you feel welcome but will
go out of their way to be of really good help. i have experienced this several times on my travels and each time it amazes me how all I need to be
is a Nigerian, not Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa and once
I run into another Nigerian, I will immediately feel at home.

** Nigeria boasts unique cultures, awesome
weather, landscape, human resources, natural resources and variety of people, with over 300 different ethnic groups staying together as one.
419. NIGERIA is still a UNIT despite being plagued
so much with potentially disruptive ethnic/ religious tendencies.






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