Who Are Their Fathers?

It is usually a daily occurrence in Lagos, where to TOUTS popularly known as “AREA BOYS” or “AGBEROS” harass bus drivers and conductors because of a particular levy not paid

The amazing part of these cases is that these “area boys” go as far as  beating up bus conductors, and sometimes destroying valuable parts of the bus (side mirrors, boots, rear mirror etc)

A very striking question that has been burning in my heart is  WHO ARE THEIR AREA FATHERS? Or rather WHO DO THEY WORK FOR?

There are usually some on uniform (white Shirt and green trousers) for Lagos State, and some of them are not always on uniform. The so called AGBEROS usually demand for Money authoritatively, when they eventually collect these monies, receipts are not issued, and there won’t be any form of evidence of receiving the cash.

For the AGBEROS that usually extort “Bike Men” popularly known as “OKADA MEN”, they humiliate those okada riders so much that they usually do not have choices than to succumb to their offers. These AGBEROS go as far as slapping, seizing helmets and removing OKADA keys.

In most cases, the AGBEROS not on uniform claim to be the LOCAL GOVERNMENT’S TAX AND REVENUE  COLLECTORS, yet without proper documentation on monies and revenues collected.


My thoughts on this issue are; cant the Lagos State Chapter of the NURTW proffer a new medium for these LEVIES to be paid?

Secondly, The Lagos State Government should partner with the NURTW and make them see reasons why they should change the ways the Levies are collected. Lagos been a MEGA CITY in formation

My questions on this issue are

  1. Who do these AGBEROS work for?
  2. Who are their “AREA FATHERS?
  3. Are they above the law? If they are, that means they have every right to harass fellow citizens

Dear readers, kindly share your thoughts and experiences on this issue. You can also tell us who their AREA FATHERS are if you know them (Laughs) by posting a comment.

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